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A Tale of Two Doves - The story of two doves that I raised from nestling to weaning. Including pictures!

Photo diary page
- See pictures of one of our green cheek conure chicks as it grows from hatching to weaning. R
eally neat!

Babies Growing Up At Almost Angels (Youtube) - Turn up the music and enjoy watching our babies growing up and having fun here at Almost Angels!

Caique Hatching to Weaning Video (Youtube) - Pictures of one of our babies from hatching to weaning. Turn up the music and watch the show!

Green Cheek Conure Slideshow (Youtube) - Progression of one of our green cheek conure babies from hatching to weaning. Cute!

Customer Photos Page - Pictures of some of our babies in their new homes. Did you buy a bird from us? Send us a clear picture and we'll add your "little star" to this page!

Our Views on Selling Unweaned Babies - Our thoughts on the subject.

Bird Buying Checklist - Some things to look for when buying your next bird.

Almost Angels Facebook Page - We now have a Facebook page! We welcome you to become a fan!

American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) - Organization for aviculturists.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Rehabilitators - List of wildlife rehabilitators by county.

Parrots Treasure - High quality, handmade, natural toys.

Byrdbell - Well crafted, generously sized toys at great prices.

Dr. Fosters & Smith - Great prices and free shipping on orders over $49!

My Safe Bird Store
- Great selection of high quality bird supplies!

Good Bird, Inc. - Barbara Heidenreich is a professional trainer that offers excellent videos showing you how to train your bird using positive reinforcement.

Holistic Birds.Org - A site with tons of great articles on various bird subjects.

Birdie Bits n Bites - They sell the Basik/Sklar syringes that are perfect for handfeeding! They carry other supplies too. Excellent service.

Habitat for Horses - I have found that many bird people are horse people too! This is a wonderful organization that helps horses in need. Check them out!

Bluebonnet Equine Rescue - Another great horse rescue organization.

Association of Avian Vets - Find a vet near you! Be sure to put in "United States" and your state for the most complete search results.

Frisky Finches - This is where we buy our California Golden Spray Millet. Great service!!

Quaker Parakeet Society - Organization dedicated to quakers.

L & M Legbands - Great service and convenient online size chart.

Parrot Festival - Educational parrot conference held in Houston every January.

Birds, Etc. Nestboxes - Really nice boxes and great service!

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